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Makita DHR171Z 18V LXT BL SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Body Only


Makita 18V LXT BL SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bare Unit DHR171Z

The Makita DHR171Z 18V LXT BL SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bare Unit will suit the needs of tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike. The DHR171Z chisel can rotate 360 degrees with 40 different locking positions and comes with two modes of operation: Rotary only and hammer only. This means that tough materials such as masonry, concrete or wood will pose no barrier to your drilling needs. To make things easier for you, Makita have equipped this drill with a one-touch sliding chuck to quickly change bits and an easily accessible push button to switch between forward and reverse operations. The DHR171Z is also a comfortable tool to use in any situation. The grips are ergonomically designed to lessen user fatigue while an LED light allows you to work in dimly lit areas. This product is sold as a bare/naked body unit so batteries and chargers must be bought separately.

Makita DJR186Z 18V Reciprocating saw LXT Bare Unit


Makita DJR186Z 18V Reciprocating saw LXT Bare Unit


The Makita 18v Reciprocating Saw LXT Bare Unit DJR186Z has been developed for higher cutting efficiency and more durability making it ideal for professionals and DIYers. With great efficiency and a quick and easy tool-less change, this tool will increase productivity no end. Speed should not mean unsafe, and this is no exception, it has an electric brake and variable speed to ensure maximum control for the user. This is a body only, naked machine meaning no batteries or charger, however this does include a metal blade and a wood blade to get started.

Makita DKP181Z 18V 82mm LXT Brushless Planer Body Only


Makita 18V 82mm LXT Brushless Planer Bare Unit DKP181Z

The Makita DKP181 LXT Brushless 82mm Planer is ideal for professional tradesmen. With a planing depth of 3mm you are able to remove a substantial amount of stock in a single pass. The inbuilt automatic torque drive technology ensures you are always getting optimum operation from your machine by automatically changing the cutting speed according to the load condition. The depth of cut can simply be adjusted by turning the knob on the front of the tool. The electric brake and soft start features provide a safe and easy to use tool. The chip ejection port can be switched from left to right to suit your preference or the current at your convenience. Supplied as a bare unit. Batteries and charger available separately.



Makita DTD152Z 18V LXT Impact Driver (body only)


Makita DTD152Z 18V LXT Impact Driver (body only)

The new DTD152 Impact Driver from Makita is an extremely light and versatile tool with its overall length being a very compact 137mm paired with its ergonomically designed soft grip handle. It has a variety of features including an electric brake, variable speed control trigger, forward/reverse rotation, twin LED job light and one-touch bit installation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Electric Brake
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Twin LED job light
  • High rotation speed
  • One-touch bit installation
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handle
  • Compact overall length of 137mm
  • Lightweight design
  • Battery protection circuit
  • Belt clip

Makita DTD153Z 18V Brushless Impact Driver (Body Only)



  • eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) offers maximum protection against dust, debris and liquids for optimal performance in extreme conditions
  • Compact design with an overall length of only 126mm
  • One touch sliding chuck for easy bit installation and removal
  • Brushless DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio
  • Brushless DC motor generates less heat buildup and is ideal for prolonged use in manufacturing / production applications
  • Battery protection system provides over-discharge, temperature and current protection for enhanced performance, battery cycle life and overall battery life
  • LED job light with pre-glow
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip design for vibration absorption and comfortable operation

Makita DTD154Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver Body Only


Makita 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver Bare Unit – DTD154Z


The Makita 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver Bare Unit is ideal for use in outdoor or harsh environments for professionals. The outer case design and enhanced dust and drip-proof performance makes it much more reliable in comparison to previous models. It has been designed to be compact allowing users to reach tight places with ease. This is a bare unit, it is not supplied with batteries or a charger, however the included belt clip makes for easy transportation around the work place, between jobs.

Makita DTM52Z 18V LXT BL Starlock Max Multi Tool Body Only


Makita DTM52Z 18V LXT BL Starlock Max Multi Tool Bare Unit

The Makita DTM52Z 18V LXT BL Starlock Max Multi Tool Bare Unit is a cordless, 18V, brushless multi tool that is ideal for carpenters, fitters, joiners, plumbers and DIYers. It is designed to be compatible with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max blades and accessories. A must have addition to any tool kit, the multi tool has almost limitless applications. The anti-vibration technology and easy to grip small diameter body of the tool make it ergonomic and comfortable to use, even for extended periods. The variable speed control, constant speed control and 12 individual accessories angle settings allow you to tailor the tool to the job at hand for maximum efficiency. Supplied as a bare unit but blades, batteries and chargers available separately.

Makita DTW300Z 18V 1/2In LXT BL Impact Wrench Body Only


Makita DTW300Z 18V 1/2In LXT BL Impact Wrench Bare Unit

The Makita DTW300Z 18V 1/2In LXT BL Impact Wrench Bare Unit is ideal for engineers and mechanics due to its high torque output. It features a variable speed trigger and an electronic 4 stage impact power selection to suit the application at hand. The trigger switch has a full speed mode allowing you to change the variable speed to full speed mode. The auto-stop system works both in forward and reverse rotation modes which, combined with an electronic brake, lessens the chance of injury when using the DTW300Z. The brushless motor delivers power and efficiency with a max. fastening torque of 330Nm and nut busting torque of 580Nm. The Makita DTW300Z is supplied as a bare/naked machine unit which means that batteries and chargers must be purchased separately.