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Makita BL4040F 40V Max XGT 4.0AH LI-ION Battery 191B26-6



The Makita BL4040 (191B26-6) XGT 40v Max 4.0Ah Li-ion battery is equipped with an LED indicator that shows the remaining capacity of the battery. The machines, batteries and charger of the XGT platform are standard equipped with special electronics, so that they can communicate with each other. The charger gives the most optimized charge to the battery depending on the status of the battery. In combination with the DC40RA fast charger, the BL4040 battery is fully charged in just 45 minutes. The machine also responds directly to the status of the battery. Depending on the status of the battery, the power supply to the machine is optimized. In addition, the battery is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as water and dust. They have a robust construction, are protected against dust and they have a splash-proof design.

Say hello to Makita 40v Max XGT – The new standalone system that will stand side-by-side with the industry-leading Makita LXT System. XGT is a genuine solution for high demand industrial applications, a combination of innovative tool design and higher output batteries, providing a genuine solution for high demand industrial users as well.

Makita BL4050F 40V Max XGT 5.0AH LI-ION Battery 191L47-8



The Makita BL4050F 40v Max XGT 5.0Ah Li-Ion Battery 191L47-8 is a 5.0Ah Li-ion battery for 40v Max tools. Powerful general-use battery for 40V max Makita XGT tools. Ideal for tools with a high power consumption, features a charge level indicator for easy usage tracking. Charge time approximately 50 minutes with a rapid charger.

Makita BL4080F 40V Max XGT 8.0AH LI-ION Battery 191X65-8


Makita BL4080F 40V Max XGT 8.0AH LI-ION Battery 191X65-8

Introducing the Makita 191X65-8 40V 8.0Ah XGT BL4080F Battery, a high-performance power source designed to meet the needs of industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This battery is not just a power source, it’s a smart companion to your Makita power tools, providing optimal performance through intelligent digital communication with the tool.

The Makita 191X65-8 battery is built to last, featuring an in-built cooling system for extended life usage. It also comes with an IPX4 rated wet guard, offering water resistance and ensuring the battery’s longevity even in challenging work conditions. With a DC40RA charger, you can reach a practical level of charge in just 60 minutes, ensuring your tools are ready when you are.

This battery is designed with user comfort in mind. Weighing only 1.9kg and featuring a compact design, it won’t weigh down your power tools, allowing for comfortable and efficient use. The battery also features a 4 green LED battery fuel gauge with a check button, enabling you to monitor the battery’s performance and plan your work accordingly.

The Makita 191X65-8 40V 8.0Ah XGT BL4080F Battery is sold as a single unit, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for powering your Makita tools. Experience the difference in power and performance with this battery. Purchase today and keep your tools running at their best.